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Creating Your Own Theme

Refer to the technote and the insanely well documented Promenade theme.

Submitting Your Own Theme

Create a pull request with your theme on the GitHub repo. Include the .nnwtheme-bundle as a zip and take screenshots of the same size in both light and dark mode (if applicable) in the Resources/themes/YourThemeName directory. Make sure the spelling of your theme name is consistent, including capitalization. Match the format of the other themes by creating a MarkDown file in Content/themes, matching this format:

creator: Your Name
tags: Theme Mode Tag, Theme Color Tag

Put an optional description paragraph here.

The tags need to contain either User Theme or Default Theme depending on whether it comes preinstalled or not. It also needs to have one of Light and Dark, Dark Only or Light Only, depending on whether it has good support for these modes. The screenshots should be in the same folder as the theme zip and named ThemeName-light.png and ThemeName-dark.png respectively. If you only support light or dark mode just name it ThemeName.png.

Then build the site using

publish generate

You might need to first install publish with

brew install publish

If this is beyond your capabilities that is ok, please note so in the pull request.

Linking Your Website

You can link a personal website by adding your name to the Content/websites.json file. To link a website for your theme fill in the link tag.


You can include your own license in the .nnwtheme-bundle. Please then also note the license in the description. If you do not include a license the theme is presumed to be license under the MIT license, as are the rest of the documents included in this repository.